Photo by Media Centre Ukraine – Odesa: Olha Maksymenko, President of the Expert Interdisciplinary Association of Ukraine, leading lecturer at the EIAU-Academy Training Centre; Andrii Nikonchuk, Head of the Association of Professional Real Estate Managers of Ukraine; Liudmyla Vasyleha, Coordinator of the Ukraine Human Resources Development Project; Maximilian Födinger, leading expert on housing infrastructure management
August 23, 2023, 16:32

The “Workforce Development for Ukraine” project will train 50 qualified specialists in the field of housing infrastructure management over the next four months

This was reported by the representatives of the training centre at the briefing at the Media Centre Ukraine – Odesa.

Olha Maksymenko, President of the Public Union “Expert Interdisciplinary Association of Ukraine” (EIAU), leading lecturer at the EMAU-Academy Training Centre: “Our project is an opportunity to gain additional skills and knowledge. Many people don’t have time for long-term training now, and our free two-week online courses help people get certified as professional property managers, get the right qualifications and become competitive in the labour market. To a large extent, this is a help to internally displaced persons, the unemployed and vulnerable groups of the population.”

Andriy Nikonchuk, Head of the Association of Professional Real Estate Managers of Ukraine (APREM): “Thanks to us, more than 80% of property managers have appeared in the country, that is, about 2000 certified specialists. 50 future qualified specialists are the first swallow. I hope that in the future there will be 500, 5000, etc. I would add that after completing the courses and passing the exam, a person will be able to appear in the register of MFB managers and start being an entity that can provide management services. Or, alternatively, they can be the head of a condominium or housing cooperative.” 

Liudmyla Vasyleha, coordinator of the project “Development of the Labour Potential of Ukraine”: “The labour market in Ukraine has changed a lot during the war. There is now a great demand for short retraining programmes. Our project, which will be presented on 30 August, helps people learn how to manage housing stock. We will present various programmes for interested people, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. The courses will start at the end of September.”

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