Photo by Kharkiv Media Hub: Oleksandr Chumak, president of the Association of Private Employers
November 27, 2023, 20:14

The USAID program for entrepreneurs was presented in Kharkiv

On November 23, Kharkiv Media Hub hosted a presentation of the project for entrepreneurs “Kharkiv Resilient”, which started on September 18 with the support of the USAID program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” and will continue until May 2024. Oleksandr Chumak, president of the Association of Private Employers, told about the details.

According to Mr. Chumak, the “Kharkiv Resilient” project is aimed at cooperation with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses engaged in processing, metal and wood production, food products, logistics, etc., which suffered as a result of the large-scale invasion of russia and are in need of restoration.

The program has several areas of activity: educational services within the educational course, development of individual plans, assistance in attracting investments and grants, and development of networking between entrepreneurs, companies, and government officials.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to hold two training courses, 200 consultations, and a number of networking events. “Kharkiv Resilient” will be completed by a large economic forum, which will help discuss development directions, invite investors and donors, and establish cooperation between companies.

The speaker noted that at least 50 business representatives will be selected for the courses: private entrepreneurs and companies aimed at development, scaling, attracting more employees (but not more than 250 people), expanding production and services, as well as those who wish to exit for export and need to support their activities.

As part of the program, about 20 Ukrainian companies will receive individual plans for development and entry into export markets.

The “Kharkiv Resilient” project partners are the Export Credit Agency, some banks, local government, customs, state tax service, the Kharkiv Regional Employment Center, etc. Seven experts from the Association of Private Employers of Ukraine have been recruited to work in the USAID “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” program.

You can find out about the activities taking place within the framework of the “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” program on the “Association of Private Employers” Facebook page. You can join the project at any stage.

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