April 1, 2024, 15:16

The sown areas in the Kherson region have seen a fourfold surge this year

The sown areas in the Kherson region have seen a substantial increase this year. Last year, they covered 54 thousand hectares, but this season they have expanded to over 152 thousand hectares.

Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council made this statement during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“When it comes to the frontline territories, the primary concerns revolve around military operations and mining,” remarked Denys Marchuk. “However, thanks to the diligent efforts of our demining and sapper groups, we’ve witnessed significant progress. For instance, in the Kherson region, we can confirm that the sown area has quadrupled. Last year, during the same period, it stood at 54 thousand hectares, but now it exceeds 152 thousand hectares. This expansion bodes well for increased crop yields in the region, offering a promising outlook for the numerous producers engaged in agricultural activities.”

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