Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Head of Kherson Oblast Council, Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform
March 14, 2023, 15:47

The situation regarding critical infrastructure restoration in the Kherson region is improving every day

Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Head of Kherson Oblast Council, emphasized this at a briefing Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Situation is getting better day by day. Unfortunately, there are still communities with no electricity, water, and gas supply left without restoration so far. But each settlement is already on the relevant repair schedules. The regional military administration keeps track of when all this will be restored,” he explained.

At the same time, Yurii Sobolevskyi noted that the restoration of critical infrastructure “will take some time because of the large number of damages caused to the critical infrastructure itself in some communities and the limited resources of the companies engaged in repairing works.”

“But where it’s not possible to quickly restore power supply, powerful generators for pumping stations are being installed so that people have access to drinking water and water in general. These are the interim solutions being implemented everywhere.”

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