Photo Media Center of Ukraine - Kharkiv: Lt. Col. Lyubomyr Khomytskyi.
October 13, 2023, 22:52

The representative of the Kharkiv Territorial Center for Procurement and Social Support L. Khomytskyi spoke about the changes in the legislation on military registration

On October 10, the Kharkiv Media Hub hosted a briefing by the representative of the Kharkiv Regional Territorial Center for Staffing and Social Protection, Lt. Col. Lyubomyr Khomytskyi. The officer holds the position of head of the department of military accounting, booking and implementation of the Unified State Register of conscripts of the mobilization and defense work sector.
The speaker talked about the updating of databases in recruitment centers and the order of military registration of female conscripts.
He noted that at the beginning of 2023, the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine entered into force, establishing the procedure for the organization and maintenance of military records of conscripts, conscripts and reservists.

-Now the rules regulated by this normative act oblige the specified category of people to come to the district Territorial Center for Completing and Social Support at least once every 5 years to check their military records and personal information, – Khomytskyi said.
Also, the representative of the Kharkiv Regional Territorial Center for Completing and Social Support told which of the citizens of Ukraine, according to the requirements of military registration, are conscripts and what documents they must have; how military service is carried out, in particular, internally displaced persons and people who are abroad, etc.
According to the officer, at the moment, digitization of information that was stored on paper media and its transfer to electronic databases provided for by law is underway in territorial procurement centers.
Regarding the issue of putting women on military registration, Lyubomyr Khomytskyi said that in September of last year, amendments were made to the Law “On Military Obligation and Military Service”, namely: women who are suitable for military service based on their health and by age, and graduated from institutions of professional, vocational and technical professional pre-higher or higher education, acquired a medical or pharmaceutical specialty, are subject to military registration.

-That is, the law requires women who have obtained a medical or pharmaceutical specialty to come to the Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support in order to determine the presence of military duty for them, or they will be released from it on legal grounds, – the officer emphasized.
Khomytskyi also noted that the procedure for organizing military records, in particular in state bodies, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, and organizations, is regulated by CMU Resolution 1487 “On approval of the Procedure for organizing and maintaining military records of conscripts, conscripts, and reservists.”
In addition, during the briefing, the representative of the Kharkiv Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support answered other questions from journalists regarding the maintenance of military records and the single reserve of conscripts, as well as the procedure for crossing the border by this category of persons.

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