January 27, 2023, 19:19

The Pace of russian Missiles Production Goes Behind Their Use, So the Intervals Between Attacks Increase — Iurii Ihnat

The russians still have hundreds of X-22 missiles, but they do not have the same effect as Kalibr, Iskander, X-101 and X-555 missiles, the pace of production of which goes behind their use. Iurii Ihnat, Speaker of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made this statement during the briefing at the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“We monitor the remains of russian missiles. Different rockets exist. If it refers to missiles that hit far and accurately, these are X-101, X-555, X-55 missiles, including those without the balance of nuclear, about which there was a lot of information yesterday. The soviet arsenal missiles are X-22 missiles. And their remainders number hundreds of pieces. But this weapon is not long-range: its range is 600 kilometers, it hits inaccurately, and the radius of its probable error is up to 600 meters. These missiles pose a threat, but they do not have that effect. As for Kalibr, X-101, X-555 and Iskander ballistic missiles, the Chief Intelligence Directorate has recently disclosed the remainders and for how much the production goes behind the use as for now. Therefore, the time intervals that russia uses to terrorize our state increase,” the Speaker said.

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