January 25, 2023, 17:56

The Main Point Is Not Revealing the Russian PSYOPs, But Criminalizing the Hostile Narratives Dissemination — Disinformation Countering Center

The main goal of Ukraine’s counteraction to russian psychological operations should not be the PSYOPs detection alone, but proving them as crimes with subsequent bringing to liability under the law. Andrii Shapovalov, Acting Head of the Disinformation Countering Center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

“The main point is not to find a PSYOP and not to identify the entire chain. The main point is to prove that this is a crime, and punish those engaged in it. Otherwise, we will chase the PSYOP like a catsie chasing a sundog: the sundog is new every morning, and the catsie is tired again in the evening. The main thing today is to promote the idea that this will incur liability. In the worst case, it refers to pleas for genocide, and this is already quite a serious crime which will incur liability. Including journalists and propagandists who promote certain narratives resulting in naked aggression on the territory of Ukraine. Liability for any and all such actions is the main issue. It is not just my opinion. This is involvement in a criminal offense that needs to be criminalized. Because we all talk about fighting disinformation. Let’s wonder, whether any liability for disinformation is enshrined in any documents in our country,” Andrii Shapovalov said.

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