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November 7, 2022, 14:57

Ultramodern Western Weapons Have Already Been Integrated into the Ukrainian Air Defense System — the AFU Air Force Command

Modern Western weapons transferred to Ukraine by our partners have been successfully integrated into our air defense system. Iurii Ihnat, Speaker of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made this statement during the briefing at the Media Center Ukraine.

“We have been asked many times how Western weapons will work with soviet systems, how they all will be integrated. If it works already, in particular, we are talking about the German bleeding-edge IRIS-T complexes, then everything is already integrated, everything is well-tailored. And the most important thing now is to obtain the necessary amount of weapons, and we need a lot to close Ukraine from air threats,” Iurii Ihnat said.

Recall that according to the report of Oleksii Reznikov, Ukrainian Defense Minister, NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft missile systems have already arrived in Ukraine.

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