November 27, 2022, 18:04


11:00 AM — Andriy Moskalenko, First Deputy Mayor of Lviv, Representative of the city at European Youth Capital contest

Oleh Malets, Director of TVORY! (Create) network of youth spaces that has initiated the application for the contest

(in person)

Oleksiy Dniprov, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (online)

Maryna Popatenko, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine (online)

Why this is interesting: 

Lviv won the title of the European Youth Capital in 2025 at the international competition held in the capital of Albania.

The cities of Izmir (Turkey), Tromsø (Norway), Fuenlabrada (Spain) competed with Lviv in the finals for the title.

The European Youth Capital is a title given annually by the European Youth Forum to a city that aims to empower, energize young people and strengthen European identity through projects focused on cultural, social, political and economic life.

12:00 PM — Nazar Khudyn, Leader of PATSYKI Z FRANEKA band

Olya Dolha (Lola), Singer of PATSYKI Z FRANEKA

(in person)

Why this is interesting: 

Ukrainian artists with a real authentic sound and Ukrainian songs went on a charity tour of Europe to say “Thank you!” to those, who:

–        open their homes to Ukrainian refugees;

–        transfers money to support the army and volunteer organizations;

–        sends equipment and medical supplies to war-ravaged cities and villages of Ukraine;

–        supports Ukrainian children that have lost their parents;

–        and to everyone who stands with Ukraine in this difficult time.

The participants of the tour included Oleg Skrypka, Khrystyna Soloviy, PATSYKI Z FRANEKA and B&B Project bands.

The funds collected during the tour were used to cover the needs of the Ukrainian army and volunteer organizations with which the artists cooperate and help in their activities.

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