Photo by Media Center Ukraine — Odesa: Iryna Bardina, chairman of the board of the "BALKIVSKA-20" condominium; Stanislav Draganov, president of the Association for Innovative Development of Households
November 18, 2022, 17:11

Most of the Odessa condominiums are not ready for missile attacks

This opinion was expressed by Stanislav Draganov, president of the Association of Innovative Development of Households, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine-Odesa.

“More than 1,300 condominiums are registered in Odesa, the vast majority of them are in the center of Odesa. Only 30% of houses s have basements that can be used as a shelter to protect against debris. But if there is missile fire, a direct hit, where should residents hide?,” Stanislav Draganov said.

As Iryna Bardina noted, the head of the board of the “BALKIVSKA-20” condominium, in her opinion, even the basement in a regular condominium should be equipped. “There should always be a supply of water. We have the possibility to place beds and chairs. There is even an access to Internet. Even during air raids, some families with children spent the night in our basements. And necessarily two exits, and better three.”

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