November 25, 2022, 13:52

Lviv Created the Electric Current Supply Map, Where 225 Places Have Been Already Designated

Stroom Map is an interactive map of locations where people can work or charge their devices if there is no electricity at home or in the office. In Lviv, this map has been expanded with 225 different points.

“We created this map exactly a week ago, when we realized that a lot of Lviv residents needed places to go to work or just warm up if there is no electricity at home or in the office. In such a manner, we developed the Stroom Map. These were literally 10–20 points that we knew personally or asked for from the known entrepreneurs, and then the Lviv media, just many Lviv residents in social media began to distribute this map,” Roman Tymotsko, the Online Map Developer, said this during the briefing in Media Center Ukraine.

In particular, there are purple dots on the map meaning that the locations have both generators and shelters, and the blue dots meaning that locations are equipped only with generators.

“We have additional categories that you need to enable to see. These are shelters that work during the air raid warning, but they have no generators. And locations categorized as “a stove, firewood, two candles”, where there is warm food. People can get warm drinks there, but, unfortunately, such locations have no electric current,” Roman Tymotsko added.

Heating points are also mapped. The city authorities joined the works on this initiative.

“This is especially the autumn-winter period that the enemy, russia tries to use to intimidate, to freeze people physically, but what can we see in return: people increasingly come together and find options of how, even in such difficult conditions without electricity, sometimes without water supply, without heat supply, to be able to give a decent answer and an example of self-organization. Therefore, today I have a really great honor to present the initiative that was actually proposed by the Stroom Digital Marketing Company and this initiative is already operable,” Andrii Moskalenko, First Deputy Mayor of Lviv, stated.

In addition to Lviv, such electric current maps are already available in Kyiv and Rivne cities.

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