Photo by Media Center Ukraine — Odesa: Kateryna Madens, head of the Odesa branch of NGO "Avtomaidan", Olena Rotari, volunteer of the "Let's be happy" (Khay shchastyt) headquarters; Mykyta Karpenko, head of the NGO "National Health and Safety Council", head of the project #Aid4Ukraine
November 29, 2022, 15:06

“Every unit can receive first-aid kits from us” — chairman for the project #Aid4Ukraine Mykita Karpenko

To receive this aid the commander of the detachment has to write a request to volunteers of #Aid4Ukraine. Head of the project, Mykita Karpenko, announced this during the briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

“To apply for this aid the commander of every detachment has to write us up. We will conduct a fast training, from 4 hours up to 2 days, and after that give first-aid kits personally to every soldier,” Mykita Karpenko said.

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