July 11, 2024, 13:38

Steps to take if trapped under rubble: SES offers guidance on emergency response

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has provided essential advice on the dos and don’ts if you find yourself trapped under debris.

This guidance was highlighted during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine. Svitlana Vodolaha, Head of the Press Service for the SES, outlined key actions to take in such emergencies.

“Situations can vary greatly, but the first thing to remember if you are trapped under the rubble is not to panic. If you realize you are alive, it is essential to stay calm and remember that rescuers will arrive within minutes. Try to assess your condition, check for injuries, and see if you can move,” she explained.

Avoid attempting to move beams or other heavy objects, as this can trigger further collapses.

Vodolaha also mentioned that during rescue operations, a “minute of silence” is observed, during which rescuers listen for any signs of life under the rubble. If you hear voices or equipment stop, try to make noise by shouting or knocking.

“If you have a working cell phone, call 101 immediately, provide your location under the debris, and describe where you were at the time of the collapse. This information helps rescuers predict your position since people often lose their sense of direction during such incidents,” advised Vodolaha.

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