May 20, 2024, 12:41

State Emergency Service explains how to protect electrical appliances and avoid fires during power supply fluctuations

During a power outage, it is crucial that citizens follow certain recommendations in order to maintain the serviceability of electrical appliances until the power supply is restored.

This was discussed during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Anatolii Shkarbuta, Deputy Head of the Prevention Unit of the Fire Safety Office of the Emergencies Prevention Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, pointed out that it is important to turn off all devices connected to the power grid during a power outage.

“The State Emergency Service recommends turning off all appliances connected to the power grid during the power cuts. The most dangerous period is precisely when electricity is reconnected, and electrical appliances that consume a lot of electricity are connected as well, which leads to fires due to the overload. Therefore, it is necessary to turn off all electrical appliances during the power cuts. We recommend leaving one light bulb in the room where you are staying, so that it will signal that the power supply is restored. This is enough to protect oneself from such unpleasant incidents caused by voltage fluctuations when the power comes back on,” he noted.

He emphasized that when starting a generator, appliances should be reconnected to the power supply gradually.

“When starting an electric generator, the devices need to be reconnected accordingly. But it is important that the power capacity of the generator is much higher than the consumption of the connected devices. This is important to prevent overloading the generator and to avoid voltage drops in the power grid,” he added.

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