August 4, 2022, 14:52

State Emergency Service calls on communities to form voluntary fire protection movements; relevant training provided by rescuers 

Anatolii Shkarbuta, Deputy Head of the Prevention Unit of the Fire Safety Office of the Emergencies Prevention Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine spoke about it at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

The State Emergency Service takes all possible measures to extinguish fires in the fields, and volunteer units can provide significant assistance. Due to the mobilization, there is a shortage of volunteers in this initiative.

“However, a considerable part of citizens still joins the voluntary movement for fire protection. Local self-government agencies should pay special attention to such an initiative, because they are in contact with the population. This movement does not need a lot of funds. In the conditions of military aggression, these are appropriate steps,” — Anatolii Shkarbuta said.

Voluntary movements make it possible to secure not only agricultural lands, but also private estates that suffer from shelling. The State Emergency Service trains such volunteers at its facilities, conducts relevant training and campaigns. 

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