April 7, 2023, 13:15

Some 120 people are evacuated from Kherson daily — Serhii Khlan

On average, 100-120 people leave Kherson every day using free evacuation services.

Serhii Khlan, Deputy of the Kherson Oblast Council made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“If we talk about the oblast center and look at the trend of how people have been using free evacuation services, we can see that when the evacuation efforts began, 50-60 people used this opportunity per day. Now this number already exceeds 100. On average, 100-120 people leave Kherson city using free evacuation services,” he said.

When speaking of people coming back to the territory of Kherson region, Serhii Khlan noted that in most cases people return to the settlements of Kherson region located far from the riverbank as well as to locations that have already been cleared of mines.

“It is quite dangerous to be in Kherson city, because it is not clear where the occupiers will launch an artillery strike next time, or what they will hit next time. This also happens in settlements located along the bank of the Dnipro river. People continue to leave such settlements. It is dangerous to return to Kherson city and to the settlements located along the riverbank.”

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