September 8, 2023, 20:28

Since 2014, human rights activists record over 50,000 crimes committed by russia

Human rights activists have recorded more than 50,000 potential crimes committed by russia since 2014.

Oleksandra Romantsova, Executive Director at the Center for Civil Liberties made this statement at the press conference on the current situation in the temporarily occupied territories in Ukraine’s East and South in response to the occupiers’ holding fake elections. The country’s main discussion platform BrainHub in Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform hosted the event, which was organized by Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform and Special Operations Forces’ National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

“The Center for Civil Liberties, together with other organizations, is currently documenting (the events – Ed.) as a part of the “Tribunal for putin” initiative. Together with the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, and in general, there are more than 20 organizations in our initiative. Currently, our database contains more than 50,000 potential crimes – crimes against humanity and war crimes in a very large number. At the same time, we started documenting them in 2014,” she emphasized.

Oleksandra Romantsova emphasized that every day of the occupation results in tragedy and endless work for the International Criminal Court, which must condemn both those who give criminal orders and those who carry them out.

“The occupying country explicitly commits ‘Bucha’ every day. We very often have to explain on the international stage that the tragedy is not that Bucha happened a year ago, but the tragedy is every day of the occupation of these territories. According to our experience, when we go to a village that has been occupied for a month, we come back with 20-30 cases of potential war crimes from one conversation with the villagers. This means that every day of the occupation of this territory results in endless work for the International Criminal Court, which must condemn, first of all, those who issue orders to commit all these crimes, and of course those who commit them with their own hands,” Oleksandra Romantsova explained.

At the same time, she emphasized that human rights defenders will “document this until justice is served for every victim and survivor of such crimes.” However, Oleksandra Romantsova noted, there is currently no such international structure that could cover the crime of aggression, so Ukraine is initiating its creation.

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