May 30, 2024, 14:00

Simplified higher education admissions for occupied and frontline territories applicants to begin in Ukraine on June 1

Starting June 1, Ukraine will introduce a streamlined admissions process for applicants from temporarily occupied and frontline areas.

This initiative, announced during a press conference at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, aims to facilitate easier access to higher education for war-affected students.

Violeta Artemchuk, Chief Coordinating Director of the NGO “Donbas SOS,” detailed the simplified admissions process and the guarantees it offers. 

Under this program, prospective students can apply without needing a school certificate. To enroll in secondary school programs, applicants must pass two mandatory exams: Ukrainian history and Ukrainian language. Universities with designated school resource centers will administer these exams.

After completing the exams and submitting an educational declaration, applicants will take an admission test set by a chosen university. Recognizing the difficulties in leaving the temporarily occupied and frontline areas, provisions have been made for online exam-taking.

The simplified procedure also includes Quota 2, allocating specific slots in state-funded higher education institutions for applicants coming from temporarily occupied territories. This offers a valuable opportunity for these students to gain admission to ranked universities.

Additionally, Artemchuk highlighted that the new admissions system ensures the availability of dormitory accommodations and social scholarships for eligible students.

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