May 20, 2024, 12:48

SES has set up over 730 “points of invincibility” across Ukraine

These centers offer essential services to citizens during power outages. Currently, 730 of these points are operational, with an additional 500 on standby.

Anatolii Shkarbuta, Deputy Head of the Prevention Unit at the Fire Safety Office within the Emergencies Prevention Department, shared this information during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Currently, 730 are in operation, with their necessity determined by the authorities. Additionally, the SES and local authorities maintain over 500 reserve points,” he stated.

Information about these “points of invincibility” should be accessible beforehand, which can be found on the Diia portal, which includes a map with their locations. In crisis situations, citizens are advised to seek assistance at these points.

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