January 26, 2023, 22:02


12:00 PM — Ihor Kuzin, Chief State Sanitary Doctor, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (in person)

Topics of focus:
— COVID-19: the current morbidity situation in Ukraine; patients’ hospitalization and availability of the supplies required in the hospitals
— the Kraken strain: what is known about it, and whether any disease cases have already been reported
— vaccination: the rate of vaccination; why having a complete protection against COVID is essential; why we need a booster
— vaccination of children aged 5–11 years against COVID
— the conditions of vaccine storage and transportation during rotating power cuts
— seasonal flu: epidemic situation in Ukraine, vaccination rate

2:00 PM — Iurii Ihnat, Speaker of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in person)

Main issues:
— Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front of the russo-Ukrainian war
— updated information on the air attacks and their aftermath

4:00 PM — Pavlo Moiseev, media lawyer, a lecture entitled “Legal Status of a Fixer in Dealing with Foreign Journalists: Rights, Obligations, Risks, and Their Prevention. Cases for Discussion”

Why is this interesting?
This lecture takes into account the outcomes of the first one, and is developed based on the questions sent in advance.

Topics of focus:
— example of a contract for dealing with journalists and for insurance (automobile, life)
— legal aspect of the matter of commission fee to other fixers for clients provided thereto
— legal registration of the fixer’s work and payment of taxes
— under what conditions should an employee (a Ukrainian) be dismissed by foreign media in case of a handshake deal alone? How can you protect yourself from no-notice dismissal?
— security: when security rules operate contrary to the military ones
— insurance: who covers injuries at the front for fixers (not in the journalist’s status)
— how to raise a question of mentioning the fixers in stories as co-authors

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