March 23, 2023, 19:00


12:00 PM — putin’s arrest warrant for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children — what further actions will the ICC take?

– Roman Martynovskyy, lawyer, Lead Expert at Regional Center for Human Rights NGO;
– Kateryna Rashevska, international lawyer, Legal Expert at the Regional Center for Human Rights NGO;
– Mykyta Petrovets, lawyer at Regional Center for Human Rights NGO;
– Kseniia Korniienko, lawyer at Regional Center for Human Rights NGO.

Topics of focus:
– Why are the first opened cases specifically connected to illegal deportation and only in the context of children?
– What further actions will the ICC, russia and Ukraine take?
– What is the role of Regional Center for Human Rights and civil society as a whole in bringing guilty persons to justice?

1:00 PM — a press conference entitled “Tuberculosis in the conditions of war: risks of spread, successes in overcoming and prospects”

– Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, Chief State Sanitary Doctor (in person)
– Yana Terleieva, Head of the Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Department of the Public Health Center;
– Natalia Husak, Head of the National Health Service of Ukraine;
– Olha Klymenko, Chair of TBpeopleUkraine charity organization, Chair of the Steering Committee at “Stop Tuberculosis. Ukraine” Partnership, leader of the community of people with tuberculosis

Topics of focus:
– How active hostilities, occupation and forced displacement affect the spread of tuberculosis?
– How is continuous access to medical care for people with tuberculosis ensured in the conditions of war?
– Prospects of a successful fight against tuberculosis — what innovations will be implemented in today’s conditions and in the post-war period?

Why this is interesting:
Due to active hostilities taking place over a large area, targeted attacks by the enemy on Ukraine’s health care, and large-scale displacement, the risks of the spread of infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, are increasing. However, despite the war, the specialists of the anti-tuberculosis service minimize risks and implement innovative practices.

Fore reference:
March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day established by the World Health Organization.

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