February 20, 2023, 18:00


11:30 AM — The joint briefing by the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, Center for Innovations Development, Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, and Advanter Group

Topic of issue: “Regulatory Policy and the State of Ukrainian Business in the Conditions of War. 2022 Results”

— Oleksiy Kucher, Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine
— Andrey Dligach, Head of Advanter Group, the Center for Economic Recover co-founder
— Mykhailo Leichenko, Deputy Head of Center for Innovations Development, Initiative for the economic recovery of Ukraine co-initiator

Topics of focus:
— the state of the business environment in Ukraine and the dynamics of business recovery
— key needs, obstacles, and prospects for entrepreneurship development
— deregulation of business
— business relations with the authorities, priorities for the government, outlook on the recovery program, possible tax reform
— the amount of taxes paid and business involvement in volunteer activities and the restoration of Ukraine

1:00 PM — Presentation of the collection “Franco for the Front”

— Ihor Kurus, Managing Director of the Ivan Franko International Fund, the author of the idea (in-person)
— Olha Nyzhnyk, the Compiler of the Collection (in-person)
— Sviatoslav Pylypchuk, Shakespeare Studies scholar, Chairman of the Board of Ivan Franko International Fund (online)
— Tamara Smovzhenko, Head of the Lviv Society in Kyiv (online)

Why is this interesting?
Sometimes, even while in a trench, there is a desire to read something to boost morale… The last years of Ivan Franko’s life were spent during the First World War, the horrors of which the writer expressed in his work. If he lived in our time, he would definitely be among the defenders of Ukraine. The collection includes selected works that the author used to try to convey his vision of the role and place of a citizen in the state to Ukrainians and its participation in the development of Ukraine. It also contains some love poetry, fragments of Ivan Franko’s humorous heritage, and works on faith and wisdom.

Every journalist attending the presentation will be able to receive the Collection as a gift. The collection will be handed over to the defenders of Ukraine with the help of volunteers directly to military units.

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