April 5, 2023, 19:00


12:00 PM – “A Delayed-Action Weapon: How russia Uses Education Against Ukrainian Children and What Should Ukraine Do About It?”

– Valentyna Potapova, Head of ALMENDA Center for Civil Education (in person)
– Daryna Pidhorna, a lawyer with the Regional Center for Human Rights (in person);
– Oleh Pokalchuk, social psychologist (in person);
– Anna Babinets, Head of the Independent Investigative Journalism Agency Slidstvo.Info (in person).

Topics of focus:
– What goals does russia pursue by setting federal educational standards for schools in the occupied territories of Ukraine?
– How long will it take for the occupiers to turn young Ukrainians into russia’s “universal soldiers”?
– The return of deported children to Ukraine and the reintegration of those under occupation since 2014 are two sides of the same coin. Is Ukraine ready for this challenge?
– What are the children abducted by the russians going through, and what are the practical problems regarding their return to Ukraine – the experience of journalists who helped the abducted children to get out?
– What to do now, while the war is still ongoing, and what should the state and civil society have in place when the war is over?

Why is this interesting?
According to various estimates, about a million children remain in the occupied territory of Ukraine, and some of them have been transferred to russia. They are denied access to Ukrainian educational programs. Instead, the russian textbooks imposing russian identity and calling for sacrificing themselves on the battlefield for the sake of russia are offered.

russians are turning education into one of the weapons they use to destroy Ukrainian identity. russian school textbooks, educational activities, and the educational process, according to russian standards, are “heavy artillery” of slow action that will influence the target even after victory and de-occupation.

1:00 PM – Presentation of the “Reunite Ukraine” mobile application

– Oleksandr Fatsevych, Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine (in person);
– Vasyl Bohdan, Head of the Juvenile Prevention Department in National Police of Ukraine (in person);
– Daniel Doura, CEO and co-founder of Find My Parent.

Why is it interesting?
A mobile application designed to search for children will be launched in Ukraine. The main function of the Reunite Ukraine mobile application is to search for missing children and reunite family members, those internally displaced, who left Ukraine or were illegally transferred to the russian federation, belarus, or the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

2:30 PM – Taras Savchenko, Acting Head of Sumy Regional Military Administration (online)

Topics of focus:
– the current situation in the region;
– the aftermath of missile strikes;
– state of critical infrastructure.

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