January 23, 2023, 17:30


11:00 AM – Volodymyr Savchenko, head of the “Misto Maybutnogo”(City of the Future) project (in person);

Vladyslav Mykhaylenko, PhD in ecology, assistant of the department of ecology and environmental protection of the Odesa State Ecological University, member of the Council of Young Scientists at the Odesa Regional Administration, coordinator of the “Misto Maybutnogo”(City of the Future) project (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • How to buy an ambulance for the military with the help of plastic?
  • How did the Odesa “Ecological route” go?

Why is this interesting?

Over the course of 9 months, volunteers of the “Misto Maybutnogo”(City of the Future) project collected 11 tons of plastic bottle caps, handed over this plastic for recycling, and with the funds received, purchased an ambulance for the military.

More than 50 settlements from all over Ukraine took part in the project.

On January 21, “Misto Maybutnogo”(City of the Future) organized “Ecological route” – the collection of secondary raw materials, which will also be sent for processing. With the funds received, volunteers will purchase the necessary equipment for an ambulance.

01:00 PM – Larysa Borysenko, head of NGO “Pavlograd Search and Rescue Canine Squad “Antares” (in person);

Karina Kolesnichenko, cynologist of NGO “Pavlograd Search and Rescue Canine Squad “Antares” (in person);

Maria Romanova, cynologist of the NGO “Pavlograd Search and Rescue Canine Squad “Antares” (in person);

Petro Zub, driver, cynologist  of the NGO “Pavlograd Search and Rescue Canine Squad “Antares” (in person)

Topics of focus:

  • How do search dogs work?
  • What are the needs of the NGO “Pavlograd Search and Rescue Canine Squad “Antares”?
  • How was the search operation on the Peremoha (Victory) district in the Dnipro;

More information: on January 14, 2023, a missile attack on a high-rise building in the Peremoha (Victory) district in the city of Dnipro killed more than 40 people, dozens of people were injured. Members of the “Antares” unit also took part in the search operation in the city of the tragedy.

02:00 PM – Serhii Prytula, volunteer, head of the “Serhii Prytula’s Charitable Foundation” (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • What will be the revenge for the russians. Details of the collection, thanks to which the suicide drones with a range of 30, 200 and 800 km were bought?
  • What are the challenges for this year? How not to lose unity and focus on the external enemy?
  • We must always be ready: how else can civilians help the military? Civilian Preparedness Centers project from the “Serhii Prytula’s Charitable Foundation”

03:00 PM – Ihor Skrypnichenko, adviser to the consul in the USA, vice president of the Poltava Theological Seminary, master of political theology (in person)

Topics of focus:

  • Post-war reconstruction: challenges and opportunities;
  • Possibilities of comprehensive assistance, according to which every Ukrainian will be able to feel physically and mentally healthy and protected.

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