August 22, 2023, 19:05


12:00 PM – Vitaliy Malitsky – author of animation and editing of historical lectures (in person)

Oleksandr Babich – author of the text and script of the historical lectures (in person)

Oleksii Biletskyi – art director of the project (in person)

Topics of focus:

  • Cultural and educational content project “Study! Understand! Live!” by the NGO “Centre for Amazing History “Oleshshia”;

Additional information: The project, supported by international partners, aims to promote the history and culture of Ukraine. Within the framework of “Learn! Understand! Live!” videos were created in three areas: 

– animated unique lectures on the history of Ukraine (6 pieces)

– drawing lessons for adults and adults with children (10 pieces)

– mini-lessons on “How to start speaking Ukrainian” (10 pieces)

01:00 PM – Olga Maksymenko – President of the “Expert Interdisciplinary Association of Ukraine” (EIAU), leading lecturer at the EIAU-Academy Training Centre (online)

Andriy Nikonchuk – Head of the Association of Professional Real Estate Managers of Ukraine (APRMU) (online)

Liudmyla Vasyleha – Association of Employers of Ukraine, coordinator of the project “Development of Labour Potential of Ukraine” (online)

Maximilian Födinger – EEG, leading expert on housing infrastructure management (online)

Topics of focus:

  • The public organization “Expert Inter-sectoral Association of Ukraine” (EIAU) announces the launch of the project “Labour Potential Development for Ukraine”, implemented by the International Development Foundation with the support of the Economic Support to Ukraine Project.

For more information: The project aims to support local residents and members of vulnerable groups through training and retraining in the skills necessary for their professional development. The free short-term courses and online training are aimed at assisting in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, developing professional skills for further employment and competitiveness in the labour market for representatives of all regions of Ukraine. As a participant in this project, the EIAU coordinates the activities and implements the project in terms of training/retraining of personnel in the field of management and comprehensive maintenance of the housing stock. Currently, groups of students are being recruited for the training course “Organisation of Housing Complex Management Activities” as part of the training of specialists in the profession “Manager (manager) of a residential building (group of buildings)”.

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