April 17, 2023, 18:00


11:00 AM – Nataliya Humenyuk, chief of the Joint Coordination Press Office of the Security and Defense Forces in the South of Ukraine (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • The security situation in the south of Ukraine;
  • What may the residents of the south expect in the future war: drone attacks, missile attacks, psychological pressure?
  • Counteroffensive of Ukrainian armed forces;
  • Mobilization: enlisting on the streets, how the data of servicemen are updated, whether the registers are updated, the training of the mobilized – how long it takes and who conducts it

11:45 AM – Dmytro Pletenchuk, chief of the press service of the “Grim” (Thunder) tactical group (online);

Topics of focus:

  • The current security and humanitarian situation in the Kherson oblast;
  • Missile, artillery, and mortar terror;
  • Sowing campaign;
  • Demining of liberated territories;

01:00 PM – Oleksandr Prokhorov, regional manager of “Ukraine to power” project in Southern Ukraine (in person);

Andrii Hladkyi, coordinator of “Ukraine to power” project (online);

Natalia Fibrig, representative of the nonprofit organization We Aid, Berlin (online);

Topics of focus:

  • Presentation of “Ukraine to power” project: installation of battery power sources for critical and civil infrastructure facilities;
  • How to become a project participant, and who can apply for assistance?
  • What are the prospects for the development of the project?

More information: The goal of the “Ukraine to power” project is to install, at the expense of German partners and donors, battery power sources for power supply of critical and civil infrastructure, namely educational institutions and medical institutions.

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