April 12, 2023, 18:00


11:00 AM – Inna Bilous, director of the “Manifest Mira”(Peace Manifesto) charitable foundation (in person);

Natalya Mazharova, project manager of the “Odesa Aid Hub” project (in person);

Christian Hannemeyer, volunteer of the “Manifest Mira”(Peace Manifesto charitable foundation (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • How the “Manifest Mira”(Peace Manifesto) Foundation helps the most remote corners of Southern Ukraine;
  • Partnership with local and international funds;
  • Transparency of humanitarian aid process – why is it important?

Denys Ryzhuk, deputy нead of the Southern regional personnel directorate of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (in person);

Oleksandr Hostishchev, deputy head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odesa oblast (in person);

Volodymyr Belov, officer of the Southern department of Procurement of the image and publishing center of the National Guard of Ukraine (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • Offensive Guard: the course of the recruiting campaign, the formation of assault units and the training of fighters

01:00 PM – Dovidas Vitkauskas, director of the NGO SOS Ukraine (in person);

Artem Kasparyan, co-founder of the “Spilna meta”(Common Goal) volunteer movement (in person);

Oleh Syabrenko, team leader of the regional development project UkRebuild: Future Cities (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • How to use international urban and urban planning experience in the post-war recovery of Ukraine;
  • Ways of financing post-war rerecovery;
  • Plans for the development of Odessa, Cherkassy, Sumy

02:00 PM – Arkady Mkrtychyan, deputy head of the Odesa district military administration (in person);

Oleksii Matsulevych, deputy head of the Odesa district military administration (in person);

Topics of focus:

  • Employment of IDPs in Odesa district;
  • Cooperation with international charitable organizations providing humanitarian aid;
  • State of civil defense facilities of Odesa district;
  • How does the mobilization take place;

03:00 PM – Dr. Joshua Kreimeyer, Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Colorado Christian University (online);

Topics of focus:

  • How is the psychological rehabilitation of military and civilians;
  • How to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder – challenges and tasks;
  • Training of Ukrainian military psychologists;

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