November 10, 2022, 20:39


10:00 AM — Vadym Gutzait, Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine (online)

Topics of focus:

  • Sports initiatives for children, in particular for refugees children;
  • Some athletes from the aggressor countries, russia and belarus, accept Ukrainian citizenship – can this strengthen our Olympic team?
  • Exclusion of boxing from the Olympic program of the 2024 Olympics due to the International Boxing Federation’s ties with russia – is it real or not?
  • What are the prospects of Iran’s exclusion from the FIFA World Cup 2022 and Ukraine’s participation instead?
  • How do Ukrainian athletes help Ukraine at the international level?
  • F-1 left russia. Is it possible for the stage of the “royal race” to take place in our country?

12:45 PM — Serhiy Shkarlet, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (online)

Topics of focus:

  • Evacuation of universities;
  • Changing the school literature curriculum due to Russian aggression;
  • New subjects in schools — financial literacy, English as a second compulsory language, military training for young men;
  • Digitization of educational institutions;
  • How the Ministry evaluates the consequences of several years of distance learning in schools;
  • What percentage of schools, kindergartens and universities work in Ukraine? What percentage of students/students are studying now?;
  • Teachers in the occupied territories – salary, did they leave after all
  • Distance learning in the conditions of war, if the heating and power cuts

02:00 PM — Felicity Gray, Head of Ukrainian Mission of  Nonviolent Peaceforce International (in person) 

Tiffany Easthom, Executive Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce International (in person)

Viktor Alkhimov, head of the volunteer headquarter Dream & Do it (MriiDiy) (in person)

Topics of focus:

  • How many humanitarian organizations will help civilians in the south of Ukraine
  • Directions of humanitarian projects
  • Volumes and terms of projects
  • New organizations that joined the humanitarian mission

Why it’s interesting:

On November 10, in Odesa, the Network and Partnership Meeting discussed the topic: “Building peace side by side with local communities: Humanitarian efforts in the south of Ukraine.”

It was a presentation of humanitarian projects aimed at helping the civilians from volunteer organizations, government representatives, international humanitarian missions and local NGO organizations.

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