October 16, 2023, 18:07


11:00 – Oleksandr Yatsenko, rector of the Odesa Institute of Maritime Management and Enterprise (personal presence);

Topics of focus:

Alternative ways and possibilities of sea cargo delivery to the ports of Ukraine. How is the grain initiative working in the ports of Greater Odesa now?

Tags: media center, Odesa, full-scale invasion, maritime security, trade, maritime trade, alternative routes, Black Sea, grain corridor, seaports, ports of Greater Odesa, cargo, grain, grain products, sea transportation, Ukrainian ports, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa regions.

12.00 – Dmytro Dokunov, author, founder, and head of the GOLOKA project (online),  

Daria Sushchenko, co-founder of the GOLOKA project (online)

Topics of focus:

Creating a modern center for the recovery and rehabilitation of veterans

Tags: media center, Odesa, full-scale invasion, rehabilitation of veterans, war, veterans, post-war recovery, eco-settlement, society, cultural heritage, 

13:-00 – Ihor Kasyanenko, Head of the City Center for Family Health, Consultative and Diagnostic Center No. 6 (personal presence);

Andriy Rybin, Chief Freelance Specialist in Oncogynecology of the Odesa city Healthcare Department, Professor of ONMedU (personal presence)  

Topical issues:

How to prevent and detect cancer in women in a timely manner

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Tags: media center, Odesa, oncology, women, oncogynecology, Department of Health, doctors, women’s health.

14.00 – Oleksandr Velmohko, journalist-historian (personal presence) 

Topical issues:

How does the hostile Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation looks like after 20 months of full-scale invasion. Threats to Ukrainian ports. Forecast for the future.

Tags: media center, Odesa, full-scale invasion, Ukrainian Navy, Ukrainian Navy, Russian Black Sea Fleet, Black Sea, ports of Ukraine, grain corridor, maritime security, ships.

All questions to the guests of Mediacenter Ukraine – Odesa should be sent via messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber) on the telephone number +380500895830

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