December 13, 2023, 15:07

Russian occupants are now using their missile-carrying ships as air defense in the Black Sea – Navy spokesman

Despite the pleasant, calm weather in the Black Sea, the Russians do not risk taking their ships far from their shores, and use missile carriers as air defense cover. This in itself does not interfere with the operation of the sea corridor through which Ukraine exports its food.

This was stated by Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Although the weather conditions are pleasant now, our enemy is not really bringing its fleet to the Black Sea. The Russians have removed almost all operational ships from the temporarily occupied Crimea and are keeping them off their shores. The missile carriers are mostly now near Novorossiysk, sometimes they come to Tuapse. The Russian occupiers are negotiating their relocation to Georgian territorial waters near unrecognized Abkhazia. The enemy is updating the boom barriers around its main naval base in Sevastopol,” said the navy spokesman.

He noted that the Russian invaders are keeping new, recently launched missile ships near Novorossiysk and use them more as a cover from possible Ukrainian missiles.

“Two of these ships are only being tested, they are not even in service. One of them is a small missile ship of the Karakurt project near the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, which is now being used as an air defense cover ship. This is the Cyclone. It was launched in Kerch at the Zaliv shipyard. It is relatively new, but only in the sense of the date of production. It did not work as a missile carrier. It is used as an air defense system. Therefore, their entire Black Sea Fleet does not interfere with the operation of our sea corridor from the ports of Greater Odesa,” emphasized Dmytro Pletenchuk.

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