July 11, 2022, 15:41

russia spreads misinformation about International Legion

This statement was made by Damien Magrou, Spokesperson for the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine during his briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“russia reported that it had ‘destroyed’ 200 more foreign fighters in an airstrike. That was untrue,” — he said.

Spokesperson for the International Legion called on the members of the press not to publish unverified information from the russian side without contacting the International Legion and verifying the information.

At the same time, Damien Magrou said that russia still outguns Ukraine on the battlefield. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the country with all the available means, but those are not enough:

“We are still outnumbered roughly 8 to 1 in terms of heavy artillery. Ukraine and the armed forces are thankful for the help that has already been given, but it cannot be considered by any means to be enough.”

According to the Spokesman, members of the International Legion constantly witness russia’s complete disregard for the rules of warfare. All such reports will be transferred to the relevant authorities to investigate violations of International Law.

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