March 15, 2024, 15:20

russia is enlisting individuals from the Global South to take part in active hostilities in Ukraine

As domestic mobilization wanes, the aggressor nation is resorting to various tactics to deploy citizens from economically disadvantaged nations to the battlefield, predominantly from regions in the Global South.

Petro Yatsenko, representative of the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War, made this statement during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, which was attended by captured mercenaries.

“We’re seeing a shift where the forced mobilization drive in the aggressor nation and the recruitment efforts are tapering off. There’s a dwindling number of individuals willing to join the frontlines for monetary incentives, and russia is grappling with declining military call-ups of personnel. Instead, they’ve ramped up efforts to recruit and deploy citizens from economically disadvantaged nations. These are individuals from countries where opportunities for earning a livelihood are scarce,” he remarked.

Ukraine ensures that all captured mercenaries are afforded their full rights. Adhering to the Geneva Conventions, they receive three daily meals, medical attention when required, and humane treatment, mirroring the treatment provided to other russian prisoners of war.

“As a nation, our aim is to convey to citizens from other countries fighting against Ukrainians on the frontlines that firstly, they’ve been used as mere cannon fodder. Many of them lacked proper training, and some were deceived. It’s crucial for them to realize that even amidst poverty and limited opportunities back home, it’s far preferable to avoid perishing on foreign soil while fighting for another nation’s military and interests,” he elucidated.

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