April 9, 2022, 15:08

“russia Intends to Use Post to Circumvent Sanctions,” Ihor Smilianskyi

The russian federation intends to use its post to circumvent foreign sanctions. Ihor Smilianskyi, Ukrposhta’s Director General, told about this during his press briefing in Ukraine Media Center.

“This is what russia plans to do—increase the parcel value limit to USD 1,000 or more within the Eurasian Union.  This step will give them an opportunity to circumvent sanctions, even with military goods,” Smilianskyi explains.

According to Ukrposhta’s Director General, Ukraine is making an effort to expel russia from the Universal Postal Union. 

“We try to have russia expelled from the Universal Postal Union. But, frankly speaking, I am unsure what the odds are because, as you know, many countries are deeply concerned but refrain from making decisions,” Smilianskyi summarized.

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