Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform
January 30, 2023, 19:50

russia changes its focus and pushing more destructive campaigns against Ukraine to Global South — Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry

The russians shifted the focus of their anti-Ukrainian disinformation campaigns to the countries of the Global South, many of which influence UN processes. Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine made this statement at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“We have noticed that the russian federation has changed the focus of its attention. No other country in the world allocates so much money on its destructive campaigns. I will not list the narratives, there are many of them — from fascists/Nazis to the fail state. The emphasis now shifted to another part of the world. These are dozens of countries that can affect UN processes. They do have some influence there. The latest, for example: minister lavrov traveled through African countries, and we recorded in the media, in the statements of opinion leaders in African countries, the countries of the Global South, that Ukraine is supposedly the country that incited the famine in African countries. This is absurd for us. We don’t have a lot of resources, so President Zelenskyy decided to increase the geography of the presence of embassies, in particular, in Africa,” — Dzhaparova said.

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