Photo Media Center of Ukraine - Kharkiv: Head of the Department of Health Care of KhOVA M. Haustov
October 18, 2023, 20:41

“Rehabilitation departments will function in hospitals of the Kharkiv region”: Head of the Department of Health Care of KhOVA M. Haustov

The other day, Kharkiv Media Hub hosted a briefing by Maksym Haustov, Director of the Department of Health Protection of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, on the topic “Development of a hospital-based rehabilitation system in the Kharkiv Region.”

According to the head of the Department of Health Care of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, during 2023-2024, non-specialized inpatient rehabilitation departments with 30-60 beds will be created in all supercluster and cluster hospitals of the region, with appropriate equipment, where multidisciplinary teams of doctors and nurses will work. At the national level, 6 specialized centers will work, covering patients with spinal cord injuries, people who will need psychological recovery, complex skeletal rehabilitation, patients with severe neurotraumas, and amputees. All rehabilitation services will be provided free of charge.

Maksym Haustov said that in order to get into inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, you need to contact your family doctor, who will issue a referral. A patient can go through two to eight rehabilitation cycles in a year.

-Today, in the Kharkiv region, in-patient rehabilitation assistance for adults and children operates in 10 institutions of the Ministry of Health. In outpatient conditions, such a medical service is provided in 22 regional institutions. Medical rehabilitation of babies is carried out in 7 medical institutions.

The speaker also noted that the goal of the rehabilitation system is to socialize each specific patient who requested help as quickly as possible.

-The more we can socialize people now, the less the psychological burden on society and families will be later, – noted Maksym Haustov.

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