November 10, 2022, 17:23

Radio Dictation of National Unity in bomb shelters and at the front

Participants from all continents of the world wrote Radio Dictation of National Unity-2022. In Ukraine, even people at the front took part in the rally. Yulia Sheludko, Executive Producer of Ukrainian Radio, “Radio Dictation of National Unity” Project Coordinator spoke about this at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“(People) at the front also wrote (the dictation). It is worth paying tribute and thanking the soldiers who, at the moment when they could have, for example, drunk hot tea or simply rested, were writing the Radio Dictation. They were united with everyone and this is very valuable, it is very important for us,” — Yulia Sheludko explained.

Among other things, the project coordinator told how the war affected the organizational process.

“It was particularly difficult to organize some locations, because the safety of people is above all else and we were not sure that at that moment there would not be, for example, an air alert, or the power would not be cut off, and this created obstacles for us. Therefore, all the locations in all the cities, in which it was written, were first and foremost bomb shelters. That is, in Chernihiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv. In Odesa they actually wrote in the catacombs. It is safe, it is several meters underground. And the rest wrote in bomb shelters. They invited a small number of people so that they would join in, write together with everyone. They were a part of the broadcast of the Radio Dictation and you could see them,” — Yulia Sheludko added.

For reference: on November 9, the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, the Radio Dictation of National Unity-2022 was held in Ukraine, it was possible to take part in it anywhere in the world. The organizers note that radio dictation is a rally of unity with Ukraine, and not just a test of knowledge.

Participants write dictation by hand. Braille texts are also accepted. You can send what you have written for review or wait for the original text to be published. In particular, on November 11 at 11:00 AM, the text of the Radio Dictation will be published on the websites of Ukrainian Radio and Suspilne Media. 

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