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May 17, 2023, 16:15

Psychosocial support and focus on economic capacity — HealthRight International Ukraine Director on important areas of work for communities with internally displaced persons

To decide on directions of activities for communities with internally displaced persons, we need to take into account the fact that, according to research, almost every fourth Ukrainian after 15 months of the war, even without being in occupation and without experiencing terrible trauma, needs psychological support.

Halyna Skipalska, Country Director at HealthRight International Ukraine made this statement during a briefing entitled “Opportunities for development of communities during the full-scale war,” which was held at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

In particular, she noted that internally displaced persons are primarily women and children. And it is very important to focus on this. These are also elderly people, people with disabilities, and other specific groups that need a slightly different focus, additional services and special attention.

Halyna Skipalska is convinced that it is important for communities to take into account the fact that a large number of IDPs, one way or another, were subjected to various crimes and cruel treatment by the russian military.

“And this should also be taken into account, understanding that this is a trauma and a traumatic experience that must be worked with when developing services in the community in order to have healthy residents in the future,” she explained.

According to Halyna Skipalska, it is important to take into account the psychosocial aspect of work.

“Because in fact, according to experts’ estimates, almost every fourth Ukrainian needs psychological support after 15 months of war, even without being in occupation and without experiencing terrible trauma. Internally displaced persons also need this support, and first of all women,” she noted.

In addition, Halyna Skipalska pointed out that now it is extremely important to also focus on the issues of economic capacity, because the economic component is one of the important factors for the integration of internally displaced persons into communities.

“Because when a person earns money, feels that they are employed somewhere and have an income, then their family can leave a compact settlement and rent a house, a room. Of course, this can be organized with some support from qualified social workers. But this economic component is now extremely important, and it is being talked about by donors who support various humanitarian projects in Ukrainian communities.”

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