November 16, 2023, 14:49

Psychological support, clothes, food, crutches, wheelchairs – a volunteer told about the needs of wounded defenders

Volunteers in hospitals and clinics provide wounded and injured Ukrainian defenders not only with psychological support, but also with all the necessary supplies. It`s crutches, wheelchairs, bandages, and the situation with medicines is better in the second year of the war.

This was stated by volunteer Natalia Chyzhykova at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Sometimes in the beginning the wounded do not want to communicate, they are in pain, in shock. Recently, there was a man who could not walk, he did not want to talk. But after a while, he asked for a small chocolate bar. And we started talking. I brought him clothes and everything he needed. Now we communicate very well. He really requires psychological support,” the volunteer believes.

Volunteers provide clothes, goodies and often cover the needs of the wounded in bandages, crutches, and wheelchairs.

“There are enough medicines now. Everything that is required by the protocols is available. Last year it was much worse. Maybe some new or expensive medicines are needed, then we, the volunteers, cover this need. We also bring them Dezo bandages, crutches, bandages, wheelchairs, and clothes. They frequently arrive in torn, cut, damaged clothes. Everything is needed – from underwear and socks to shoes,” noted Chyzhykova.

Local children also send volunteers sweets and gifts for the wounded.

“Our children help the wounded a lot, sending gifts and drawings. The guys like it very much, they hang the children’s works in the wards and keep the gifts on their bedside tables. It supports and warms them up,” the volunteer said.

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