April 15, 2024, 18:04

Prioritizing resource allocation to aid Ukraine, particularly in the defense sector – Lithuanian Minister of National Defense

Lithuania reaffirms its commitment to bolstering support for Ukraine, as highlighted by Laurynas Kasčiūnas, Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania, during the Second Black Sea Security Conference.

“As a newly appointed minister, one of my top priorities is boosting Lithuanian support to Ukraine. Before, we planned at least 66 million euros of this year’s support, but I want to hit 120 million at least, to double the amount of assistance for Ukraine. Also, we have signed an agreement with Ukraine to put a certain amount of our GDP toward defense and security matters in Ukraine every year. And we are doing our best. And we will continue to do so till the very victory, so things will work out. But let me be realistic; we are not doing enough. Ukraine still lacks weapons, especially air defense equipment. Every day, we see what the russians are doing to civilians, strategic objects, and infrastructure. We should find a new power here to empower our capabilities to support Ukraine, in particular when it comes to emanation and air defense. Since we all understand that Ukrainians are winning time for us, Ukrainians are fighting with an evil empire. Every Ukrainian soldier is fighting for our security and for our freedom, and we should understand that. If Ukraine is broken, we will face big challenges,” he said.

That is why, Laurynas Kasčiūnas emphasized, we need to find a new impetus, a new energy to support Ukraine.


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