April 29, 2022, 13:55

Photoproject “Carved” Students of LNAA, Kharkiv and Kyiv

The art project by young artists dedicated to the war in Ukraine was opened at the Gallery of Lviv National Academy of Arts on April 21. The exhibition includes artworks by students of the Lviv National Academy of Arts, as well as the academies of Kharkiv and Kyiv, which participate in academic mobility programs.

These are creative experiments of 4th year students of graphic design LNAA from the course “Photography”.The task was that everyone should reflect on quotes, “winged expressions” relevant to our time and express their ideas in photography. Students chose the today’s realities for their concepts. Their reflections on war in Ukraine are presented in a very emotional contemporary exhibition.

The artistic photos demonstrate the importance of creative self-expression of young people in the dramatic circumstances of today.

Among the project participants are students of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Kyiv State Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts named after Mykhailo Boychuk,They were forced to move to Lviv due to the events in Ukraine. LNAA students who are abroad also took part in the exhibition.

Since the beginning of the ful-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, 76 students of Kharkiv and Kyiv art academies have been studying at the LNAA under academic mobility programs. More than 200 LNAA students who went abroad were admitted to the best academies in Europe.

The exhibition will be presented in the gallery LNAA until May 4.

Read more: https://mediacenter.org.ua/news