March 24, 2022, 12:52

“Over 30,000 People Were Mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast, with 20,000 More Willing to Join the Territorial Defense Force,” M. Kozytskyi

Over 30,000 people in Lviv Oblast have already joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 20,000 more people have volunteered to join the Territorial Defense Force. Maksym Kozytskyi, Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration, reported this at his press briefing in Ukraine Media Center. 

According to him, 6,000 people of these 20,000 are willing to join the Territorial Defense Force in Lviv city, while the rest are residents of Lviv Oblast.  

At the moment, the volunteers undergo military and first aid training. Later on, they will sign TDF volunteer contracts.

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