April 25, 2022, 12:38

ORIENTATION SESSION for media representatives

Wednesday, April, 27,

✔️ Media and the War in Ukraine
– how to work with the authorities;
– cans & cannots under the martial law;
– the most interesting topics to cover.
Panelists: LYUBOMYR FERENS, Adviser to the head of the Lviv Oblast Military Administration, KHRYSTYNA LEBED, Lviv City Council, KATERYNA RYBIY, Spokesperson for the Lviv Oblast Patrol Police, TARAS ISHCHYK,
Spokesperson for the 103rd Special Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

✔️ History Briefing
– Ukraine & Russia;
– origins of the war;
– European and global context.
Panelist: YAROSLAV HRYTSAK, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Ukrainian Catholic University

✔️ Military Briefing
– how to understand the geography of the war;
– current situation at the frontline;
– weapons.
Panelist: OLEKSANDR ARHAT, Co-founder of the «Militaryi» Portal

✔️Journalists’ Panel
Panelists: Reporters Without Borders, media representatives.

@ 32 Rynok Sq., Lviv