June 25, 2024, 13:20

Only the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to shake Russia’s positions in the Black Sea – Andriy Sybiha

Despite the fact that Russia’s actions in the Black Sea pose a threat to all states in the region, the only one who managed to shake the aggressor’s positions at sea is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

This was stated by Andriy Sybiha, First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, during the 3rd International Forum of the International Crimea Platform Expert Network. 

“Russia has turned the Black Sea from a trade hub into a zone of conflict and instability. This threatens not only the prosperity and security of neighboring states, but also food security. The Black Sea is now a powder keg. And only the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to shake the aggressor’s positions in the Black Sea by destroying 20% of their fleet,” he said. 

According to Andriy Sybiha, ten years of occupation means continuous threats and intimidation of Crimeans by the occupier, who is trying to break the desire to resist in every possible way. Therefore, the activities of the Crimea Platform Expert Network help the Ukrainian authorities to work to ensure that the aggressor is punished.


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