January 22, 2024, 15:45

One of the PACE committees will consider a document on rebuilding Ukraine at the expense of frozen Russian assets

“Tomorrow, the political committee will consider quite a remarkable document. It concerns steering seized Russian assets to Ukraine and using them for the benefit of the country’s recovery and reconstruction. It also addresses the issue of sanctions, the issue of our register of damages, where every Ukrainian, besides the Diia app services for Destroyed Property Compensation, will be getting compensation for a service member or a civilian family member’s dead, held prisoner, or sexually assaulted.”

In addition, Maria Mezentseva noted that all recorded cases of war crimes, which have already exceeded 123,000, are being submitted to the office in The Hague, where a working group has been formed, headed by the head of the office. And now, she explained, the next step now is the need to provide funding.

“Because neither the partners nor Ukraine should pay for this, instead Russia should be forced to compensate Ukraine as the one who committed the aggression,” the MP emphasized.

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