March 22, 2024, 16:35

On the night of March 22, russian troops initiated a large-scale attack on Ukraine: news digest

The Media Center Ukraine team has compiled all available information up to this moment:

— The Ukrainian Air Force Command reports that the enemy used 151 drones and missiles to attack Ukraine. Air Defense Forces destroyed 92 aerial targets – 55 drones and 37 missiles including 35 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles and two Kh-59 guided air missiles.

— Over the past day, russian troops shelled 15 regions of Ukraine, hitting 125 settlements and 150 infrastructure objects.

— According to Ukraine’s Energy Ministry, this is the largest attack on Ukrainian power grid in recent times. Dozens of electrical power facilities were damaged: thermal and hydropower plants, trunk grids of Ukrenergo National Power Company and energy grids of regional power companies.

— Some regions experienced blackouts, notably affecting around 700,000 consumers in Kharkiv who were left without electricity. Emergency shutdowns were introduced in a number of regions.

— As a result of the russian air attack, five people were killed and another 26 got injured, says the National Police.

— The russian occupiers hit the facilities and the dam of the Dnipro HPP in Zaporizhia region, the largest hydropower plant in Ukraine. Two direct missile hits have critically impacted a part of the HPP, but there is no threat of a dam breach.

— Over 1,000 miners in Dnipropetrovsk oblast got trapped underground due to a power outage caused by the attack, the evacuation efforts are ongoing.

— Zaporizhia NPP narrowly avoided a blackout following russia’s night attack, thanks to the swift actions of Ukrainian energy workers who restored the power line and reconnected the NPP to Ukraine’s energy grid.

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