Photo by Kharkiv Media Hub: Oleh Pul, head of the KhOVA Veterans Affairs Department
December 27, 2023, 22:25

Oleh Pul: “Nine future veteran assistants are already undergoing training at the Kharkiv Center for Veteran Development”

A briefing of the Official Media Center of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration took place in Kharkiv Media Hub. Oleh Pul, head of the KhOVA Veterans Affairs Department, spoke about the implementation of the “Veteran’s Assistant” experimental project in Kharkiv Oblast.

The “Veteran’s Assistant” project was introduced in the summer of this year with the aim of the most convenient return to civilian life for defenders of Ukraine. It was created based on international experience.

“According to the procedure for the implementation of this project, our defenders, their family members and members of the deceased should receive a set of services with the transition to civilian life in their territorial communities, where the veteran’s assistant is entrusted with the function of cooperation with a person released from military service, – says the speaker.

The return to civilian life of a combatant is carried out on an equal-to-equal basis when the veteran’s assistant is also a combatant or a family member who has already undergone rehabilitation and helps his comrade “get used to” civilian life.

“Veteran’s assistant” is a full-fledged profession, which is paid from the state budget and enlisted in the profession classifier.

Kharkiv Oblast joined the implementation of the project in October of this year.

“Eight communities of the region were selected. Applications for the position of assistant continued until December 1. During this time, 25 candidates were registered in the region, 22 of whom met the specified requirements and passed interviews with the commissions created by the amalgamated territorial community. According to the results of the interviews, 9 candidates have already received referrals for training, which will continue from December 4 at the Center for Veteran Development of the V. Karazin Kharkiv National University,” said Oleh Pul.

The training of assistants is implemented within the framework of a special certified educational program in several modules, which cover knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework, office management, planning of the working day, etc. In addition, representatives of authorities and institutions that cooperate with veterans are invited to attend the course.

According to the head of the KhOVA Veterans’ Affairs Department, next year it is planned to expand the project to all territorial communities of the Kharkiv region.

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