December 14, 2023, 16:37

Odesa Puppet Theater to Present Stolen Christmas for Children and Adults

Despite the war and the shelling of Odesa, the Odesa Academic Puppet Theater has made several premieres in 2023, and is now preparing a special program with the premiere of Stolen Christmas about modern times and young Ukrainians.

Yurii Yushchenko, the official of the Odesa Academic Puppet Theater, told this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“We worked hard in 2023 and made many performances for both children and adults. For the little ones, we made a new performance “Painted Forest” based on the work of Ukrainian classic Ivan Franko. Our collection was expanded with a performance of the fairy tale Ivasyk-Telesyk, or the Buried Bag. And for adults, we have produced a very popular Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, directed by Yevhen Riznichenko. Two performances “Kaddish in Memory of Holocaust Victims” and “Dead Souls” by Mykola Gogol have been completely restored,” said Yuriy Yushchenko.

He noted that there will be a special program for children during the holidays, and no one will be able to prevent little Odessans from enjoying the holidays and being happy despite the aggression of the Russian Federation.

“We always prepare a new performance for children on Christmas and New Year’s holidays. This is our tradition. This time we are premiering Stolen Christmas. The source of inspiration was Ivan Franko. This is an experimental event. It was initiated by our young artists, director Artem Telyashenko and production designer Yuliana Karyeva, who is an actress but is trying her hand at painting. This is a completely original performance that reflects our difficult times, with many funny, funny, and serious moments. The whole family should watch it. From December 23 to January 7, almost every day we work for children whose childhood our enemies want to steal, but they will not succeed. We will still enjoy life,” summarized Yushchenko.

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