May 27, 2022, 15:15

Occupiers in Kherson region continue to fortify their positions with stolen concrete

This statement was made by Hennadii Lahuta, Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“The occupiers have launched operations at concrete plants, which they stole from local entrepreneurs. They are strengthening their positions. Moreover, in certain locations, they are also removing plates for the fortified districts. All this indicates that they will try to keep the occupied territories. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the General Staff are aware of this. I think as soon as weapons, which are so important and necessary (to us), arrive, no fortifications will help the russians, ” — he said.

The head of the region also noted that the situation at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant is under control. He confirmed a water discharge, but said there is no ecological catastrophe.

The head of the Kherson Administration noted that the occupiers are no longer releasing the Ukrainians from the region.

“Since the beginning of the occupation our citizens could leave towards Mykolaiv. We are grateful to this region, which received and helped the people of Kherson. Then caravans of cars with people, who do not want to live in the occupation, went to Kryvyi Rih. But right now nobody is allowed to leave. The exit from Kherson region is closed. About 200 cars went in the direction of Zaporizhia region, and we accompanied them. But these are isolated cases,” — Hennadii Lahuta said. 

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