July 6, 2023, 14:20

Number of enemy missile carriers in Black Sea decreases – Natalia Humeniuk

Currently, a fairly large enemy ship group is deployed in the Black Sea. However, the number of missile carriers has decreased.

Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“There is still quite a large group of ships deployed – up to 10 vessels. But the number of missile carriers in fact decreased. During the night attack there were 6 missile carriers on the combat course with the total capacity of 36 missiles, but only 10 were used. Currently, two missile carriers entered Sevastopol, two surface and two underwater missile carriers remained on combat duty. In total, this missile capacity can be up to 24 Kalibrs,” Natalia Humeniuk noted.

As reported, on the night of July 6, russian troops hit Lviv region with Kalibr missiles fired from the Black Sea. According to Oblast Military Administration, as a result of a rocket attack on Lviv, four people were killed and another 34 were injured. The administration reported that about 30 houses and more than 50 cars were damaged. Rescue operations are underway.

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