January 10, 2023, 15:33

NPPs Satisfy More Than 50% of Electricity Demand in Ukraine; 9 Power Units Are Operated in the Controlled Territory — State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine

All possible capacities of nuclear power plants under the control of Ukraine are used to the maximum extent possible. Oleh Korikov, Acting Chairman — Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine, made this statement during the briefing in the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“As of today, 9 power units of nuclear power plants are operated in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Of these, 8 are operated in the network at full capacity, and one power unit is under scheduled repairs. Now all 6 power units of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant have been stopped and the ruscists do not allow the power units to be brought to capacity for operation in the Ukrainian energy system. All possible capacities of NPPs managed by Ukraine are used in the maximum possible way. Recently, nuclear power plants have been satisfying more than 50% of electricity demand in Ukraine. And now the same situation remains,” Oleh Korikov said.

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